Unsupported functionality

While we try to implement all features of GitHub Runners, due to design choices and manpower available it's not possible to make act completely compatible.

Here is a list of features that is (yet) to be implemented or is decided as not going to be worked on by act maintainers.


  • Services are not supported (#173)
  • concurrency is ignored
  • run-name is ignored
  • Context availability is not checked, so you can use the env context on more places
  • Step summary not processed
  • Problem matcher ignored
  • Annotations ignored
  • No vars context
  • Incomplete github context
  • Run steps cancellation not implemented
  • job.permissions ignored
  • timeout-minutes ignored
  • job.continue-on-error ignored
  • PATH of container / of act must contain node for nodejs actions, github runner has their own copy for both container and host
  • Openid Connect url is not defined
  • job.environment ignored and scoping secrets by deployment environment is not supported

Functionality that is not going to be worked on